Wifi not working on laptop

I have a Dell laptop that will not connect to the wireless Internet provided by. Troubleshooting steps on fixing why your Wi-Fi or wireless network may not. This video will show you how to fix a laptop that will no longer connect to wifi Please subscribe to my.

A quick guide to fixing the most common Wi-Fi problems that crop up. If your laptop or netbook isn’t connecting to a local wireless router at all . When your PC (or other device) can’t access your Wi-Fi network, you have to find out where the problem is—your laptop or your router. My HP laptop will not connect to our wireless router.

Plugged the router in again and enabled the wifi on hp. I have this same problem, except when I try to release my ip address it tells me that no operation can be performed to wifi while it has it’s media . I have an ASUS laptop and wifi is turned on by fn+f on the laptop and other. My girlfriend has had the exact same problem with her laptop.

My WiFi is not working and the question is why is my WiFi not working? So here I fix the WiFi not working issue on laptop or PC.