Polycarbonate properties

Spring naar Properties and processing – Polycarbonate is a durable material. Although it has high impact-resistance, it has low scratch-resistance. Now that we know what it is used for, let’s examine some of the key properties of Polycarbonate.

PC is classified as a “thermoplastic” (as opposed to “thermoset”) . Polycarbonate remains one of the fastest growing engineering plastics as new. Typical blends include rubber modified PC, improving impact properties, . These properties, plus good low frequency and high voltage insulating characteristics, make polycarbonate a prime material for electrical and electronic.

Physical Properties ical Properties. It has a unique combination of properties, offering clarity, durability, safety, versatility, as well as heat and shatter resistance. All properties are measured on injection molded samples. An introduction to the composition, characteristics and uses of PC (Polycarbonate) for extrusion processes. Polycarbonate (PC) is one of those materials with very unique physical and chemical properties.

It is these properties which determine the ultimate use and the . Search the MatWeb database of technical data sheets for the polycarbonate name or properties such as flexural modulus, density, optical transmission, or melt . Typical properties for Polycarbonate (PC) including physical, mechanical, processing and other information. Polycarbonate (PC) plastic information including features, uses, disadvantages, troubleshooting, typical properties, and processing data.

Properties are provided for conductive polycarbonate. The Material Properties section below shows ranges encompassing all variants. For more specific values, follow the links in the Variant Materials section. A true industrial thermoplastic, PC (polycarbonate) is widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical. ABS and a number of other thermoplastics.

Material properties are an important consideration when evaluating additive manufacturing for advanced. Fortus polycarbonate (PC) thermoplastic. Polycarbonate possesses excellent impact strength, high heat resistance and good dimensional.

It was one of the first thermoplastics to offer these properties. Structural Polycarbonate (PC) Compounds. Definitions for physical properties that appear on data sheets. Polycarbonate is manufactured as a crystal clear and colourless, amorphous engineering. Properties for Polycarbonate Film . Polycarbonate is a tough, dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic that has many applications which demand high performance properties.

The rheological properties of polycarbonate copolymers, blends, and filled systems are beyond the scope of this chapter. For an example of copolymer data the . Makrolon polycarbonate’s proven high-performance and sustainable properties make it a go-to plastic material for applications across diverse industries and . Overview of Idemitsu Kosan´s Engineering Plastics – TARFLON Polycarbonate. Mentioned are polycarbonate properties and their values in this table.

Polycarbonate is strong, tough, stiff, transparent material with outstanding impact resistance. Research Polycarbonate properties and solutions at Curbell .